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 Post subject: Jopia
PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2007 7:33 pm 
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As I sit down at my table taking quill in hand and onto a fresh piece of parchment I begin.
I’ve wrestled with a troubled heart long enough. Hoping that as the sun shines through my inn room window to a new day; this weight will finally be lifted from me.
I have been among friends for many risings and settings of the sun and it is time they know the truth. This truth may hurt or it may heal. It is for them, my friends, to decide.

I have spent most of my time in the world with an aching secret that could mean my doom and that of anyone close to me. Why have I chosen this time? Why, because I am a trusted member of an alliance of friends that have come to mean Norrath to me.

It all began when twin girls were born to my natural father and mother. My father’s heritage, being a royal one, assumed future disputes among heirs and eliminated the problem before it occurred. These things were told to me by the only witness I have access to and that being the royal midwife Myda a goblin slave. While Myda held me in her arms she was told without ceremony by my father. “Get rid of that one.” His voice made Myda’s knees shake and she said her heart sank looking down at the tiny bundle of big green eyes and a head full of hair the color of fresh snow. She pursed her lips preparing to defy this evil man’s order, but I started to cry and she said she knew he would act immediately and have both of us killed on the spot. She wrapped me snuggly and quickly left the royal bed chamber. Sneaking through the large empty corridors she headed to the galley where she borrowed a market basket, quickly ducked into the pantry and gently lowered me into a market basket. “We must leave before the cook comes back from her nap. I will take you to my brother. He is a very wise man and he’ll know what to do with you.”

We traveled by boat to a small island she told me was called The Isle of Refuge. A place of new beginnings she always called it. Her brother the once High Chieftain of the goblins now protected a small outpost located in an old tree house on the outskirts of an abandoned village. Grexx raised me like one of his very own and taught me in the profession I chose. As I began to reach maturity, Grexx approached me as I was practicing a warding spell on my wolf Harm.
“Child.” He said ominously, “It is time, walk with me please.” We walked up the spiraling path to the top of the tree house. Many times we had gone up there to look out at the water in the bay and the ever flashing beam of the lighthouse but time was different. He was sullen, even a little sad.
“What is it Grexx?” I said beginning to feel choked.
“It is time you left.” He turned and started to walk away.
“But Grexx…” I said standing and moving toward him.
“Listen to me.” He said slowly overriding my objection. “Norrath needs you. She needs all of us to do our part.
“But there is enough to do here. The tainted goblins continue to multiply and the wolves they raise grow larger everyday…”
“Jopia, this is not your home. This has never been your real home. Myda brought you to us as a refugee. Your father is a powerful man who wields great strength and is mighty in the black arts. If he knew you were alive he would have you killed. Once I would have been a formidable foe to face him, but that time is no longer.”
“Who is my father Grexx, you’ve never told me.”
Grexx turned to face her and glared at her with his sharp black eyes.
“Lord Lucan D’Lere.”
Grexx stood and walked slowly back down the walkway that wound around the huge tree trunk leaving me alone.
My head spun as I tried to stand and when I tried to sit back down I collapsed falling hard among the branches and soft leaves and could not seem to catch my breath. No it can’t be! I said looking out to the bay through crying eyes. NO! I said out loud finding my legs and following the way Grexx had gone. He stood half way down as if waiting for me.
“He cannot be my father. He is evil!”
“Yes he is.” Grexx said in a low calm voice, but in that voice was a command for me to quiet down.
“If anyone, and I mean anyone finds out who you are that could be dangerous for you.”
“Then why are you telling me this…this lie!”
“Why would I lie to you? I love you like my own daughter.”
I knew that, but the tears came in great sobs and for the first time Grexx grabbed my arm firmly and yanked me to make me look up at him.
“I tell you now so that you are warned. His mate had twin girls and there is only room for one heir. You were the runt so you had to go. He wanted Myda to kill you when you were born. I wish this were not so, but it is truth.” He turned his back to me and talked softer. A slight breeze caught his thin graying hair and he turned his head to move the hair from his face. “I caught something on the wind and I believe he knows you live.”
“I have seen signs, foreign boats on the beach, a stranger here and there and Myda has disappeared. I believe you are in danger and will be until one or both of you no longer lives.”
He shifted on his bare feet and pulled out a note from the bracer on his left arm. He handed it to me along with a rag to wipe my face. I opened the note and read a name.
“Ktok Th’Rooks.” Grexx said looking at the daily battles going on below them. “They came from up there.” He said looking up at the broken and falling Luclin. “How they survived the catastrophe with their outfit in tack I will never know.” Grexx chuckled and then turned to me with a sad look in his eyes. “I trust him Jopia; he will have a place for you.”
“I cannot pull anyone into this danger with me.” I said desperate to stay on the island.
“And you cannot survive on your own. But you must go, it is time. I have told him who you are and he welcomes you. He understands things like this.”
I tried to pull out of his grasp but his boney pale green fingers were strong.
“They are good folks who are for you, you be for them.”
He let go of my arm and with his hands clasped behind him walked from the tree house toward the cave where skills are proven. I knew that was his goodbye to me so I packed what little I had and Harm and I got on the boat and it brought me to Qeynos where I am today, stronger and older, but still I think about the father who is against everything I am for and the most evil man on two worlds. And what of my sister? Where is she? Who is she?

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And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force.

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