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 Post subject: Beriga Lionhoof, the Lionheart Blade
PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:09 pm 
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Chapter 1
The room was well lit from the giant furnace in the middle of the stone room. It was circular in shape, with many anvils nearby. Tools for crafting dotted along the walls. A tauren garbed in a black apron and comfortable tanned leathers was working on a piece of metal with hammer and anvil. Heating the metal again, she quickly pulled it out and continued the process until finished. Admiring her work, her ear twitched from hearing footsteps coming from the hallway entrance. A dark green skinned orc showed up at the doorway.

"Beriga, I'm sure he appreciates you learning in private, but the master is looking all over for you! His study of the ore in outlands was minutes ago!" Beriga put the tools down quickly and snuffed the furnace fire. "Calm down Grock, I'm sure he doesn't mind me missing a small part of his class. I'm sure the other students are envious you got to leave for a while, his speech does make one sleepy." Chuckling a bit, the orc didn't seem amused as they both rushed down the hallway.

Reaching the edge of a large courtyard, it was a flat outcropping of grass, with a water fountain in the middle. The academy master-smith was old by orc standards, but kept his beard shaven and hair in braids covering his neck and back. He was holding a strange ore that had a green tint to it.

Pacing back and forth in front of the small group of students listening, he held it up. "Fel iron, this is the most common ore known in outlands and the most cheap for making weaponry and armor out of." To his left was a large chest as he put the iron away and pulled out another strange object. "One of the more sought out ore's in outlands, this is adamantite. It's been known to give armor special properties such as increased power in your swings or resistant to certain magics."

Pulling out one last ore, it was a bright purple with gray flecks of crystal in it. "Khorium, the most rare mineral known to the horde and alliance. You come across this, you better grab it before someone else does. This ore is very hard to come by and just having a bar of it makes you the envy of blacksmiths." Instead of placing it back into the chest, he held onto it. "We'll discuss the hardness of each ore as well as how to forge fel iron and adamantite into useable armor and weapons tomorrow. This however," noting the khorium in his hand, "isn't ready just yet. Dismissed."

The group dispersed in a orderly fashion, most going back to the forges to practice while some still learning the properties of the ore's in Azeroth. Beriga looked around at the students leaving when her name was called. She snapped her attention back toward the orc. "Beriga! Come with me." He slammed the chest shut and brought the khorium ore with him as they both walked across the grass of the courtyard and down another hallway. The tauren noted some students glancing her way.

Opening a door to his left, he entered leaving it open as Beriga shut it being her. "Many apologies Master for being late for your study, but I was finishing...". The orc held up his hand cutting the tauren's excuse short. Placing the ore onto his desk he sighed. "You keep wanting to learn by yourself Beriga. I admire your spirit, but it takes the teaching of another to master such an art as blacksmithing." The chair creaked as he sat down on it and scratched his brow. "Your father and I learned from each other and worked together to create this academy like it is today...". Beriga glared at him. "My father has nothing to do with this conversation Bomgan, why do you insist on bringing him up!?" "Because he was a amazing blacksmith Beriga." Still talking in a calm tone. "You are his only daughter after all and the only blood left of his kind."

Beriga let out a guffaw. "A part of my blood I dont want to be a part of! I hated him for what he did to my mother, earthmother watch over her. I'm not here to reconcile with my past, I'm here to learn a craft I was gifted with. If you cannot understand that, I might as well leave." The orc was silent for a long time, silently pressing his hands together thoughtfully. "I'm sorry Beriga, I hope our class tomorrow will make you forget this conversation." The tauren relaxed a bit and took a deep breath. "I hope so too." Awkward silence filled the room until a undead student burst into the room and requested the master's assistance. Apparently one of the students got hit in the head with a hammer while in one of the forges. Bomgar placing his hand on Beriga's shoulder while walking toward the doorway. "Your welcome to look around if you like, try and read something...forget about what happened." They both left, leaving the tauren eyeing the many books around the room.

Poking her head out of the doorway, she closed it and immediately tugged at the drawer where the Khorium was located. It was locked. Pouting, she proceeded to look at the massive bookcase behind the desk. "Most of these arn't even about smithing, just random literature! Hm, what's this?" Noticing a small pile of scrolls in a heap behind his desk in a corner she spotted one rolled up and covered in dust. It's ribbon was gold and the ends had the shape of a lion's head. Unraveling it, she stared in awe at what she discovered. The recipe for a powerful weapon worthy of showing a blacksmith's skill.

The Lionheart blade, crafted from rare khorium ore and powered by the primal forces of outlands. It is said to give the wielder incredible strength and bravery in battle.
Noting how much khorium was needed she let out a small guffaw, but if she could...it would make her the talk of the academy. She chuckled lightly at the thought. "What are you giggling about now?" Beriga looked over her shoulder as Master Bomgan walked back into the room. Beriga handed him the scroll reluctantly, like a child having to give up their favorite toy. He noticed the ribbon and immediately knew what it was. "It's strange that you grabbed this one Beriga, I could've sworn I hid it away forever."

He looked at the tauren for a moment and then the scroll. "This sword is a myth, a legend. No one has been able to craft it yet. I see that fire in your eyes Beriga. You truly think you can craft such a weapon?" He already knew the answer but asked anyway. The tauren thought for a moment and nodded slowly. "I'm sure if I had enough time, I could make such a weapon. You said it yourself, I have potential. Let me show it." The orc paced in his mind the repercussions if he gave her such a task. Smiling to himself he tossed the scroll back to the tauren. "Go on and waste your time with it, and good luck I suppose." Dismissing Beriga she took not a moment too soon to leave the master behind and scurried back to her quarters.

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 Post subject: Re: Beriga Lionhoof, the Lionheart Blade
PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:33 am 
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Chapter 2
"So mon, any idea where joo gonna get all tat khorium? Let alone find ah way ta...'haness tha primal might of tha outlands'"? Her troll roommate, Zobo, was reading the scroll for the blade while Beriga was packing her belongings. He outright laughed at the materials needed to make it. Beriga raised an eyebrow at him which he stifled his laugh immediately. "Ah, sorry Ber." Smiling, she shrugged at his previous question. "I'm not really sure, I would have to find a way to the outlands first. Any ideas?" The troll rolled the scroll back up and handed it back to Beriga. "I might have a way. My ol' sistah practices tha arts of arcane, I'm sure she could help joo if ya ask nicely. You be findin her at tha Valley of Spirits, jus ask for Enya." Thanking her troll friend, she grabbed her weapon and shield and took off toward the other side of Orgrimmar.

Reaching the valley of spirits, she was immediately greeted upon entering the giant wooden building. Most of the students here were trolls, but there were also blood elves and undead although outnumbered. "Greetings mon, what brings you to our school of the arcane?" Beriga explained her problem and asked for a troll named Enya which the troll greeter's eyes brightened. "Ya I kno her, you'll find her up the stairs right behind me." Walking up the flimsy creaking wooden steps she met Enya, garbed in cloth covered in different small trinkets, most likely something to do with their 'voodoo'.

Opening her eyes, she eyed Beriga. "Ey how joo doin mon? So Zobo my little brotha send ya?" Beriga nodded slightly surprised how she knew what she was here for. "Yes, I was hoping you could assist me in a portal to the outlands." Brushing her robes a bit, she nodded at the tauren. "Ja, I can do tat for joo. Though I must warn ya. Outlands isn't for tha faint of heart, but I can sense no matter what I say you will go anyway? Very well." Turning toward the middle of the room, her hands burst into arcane energy as she began opening the portal. "Don't mind tha sense of vertigo mon, It be normal." The portal opened with a loud swoosh and she back off. "Good luck Beriga, ur gonna need it."

Warily entering the portal, she felt the vertigo the troll mentioned and immediately felt ground back under her hooves. Feeling a bit dizzy, she took her time looking at her surroundings. She was in a giant dome building made of what looked like stone. People were everywhere going about their business, but what caught her eye was the giant being of light in the middle of the room. It's body was made of different pieces that floated together forming a rough form of a body. The movements of those pieces released calming chimes throughout the room.

Walking slowly toward the being, she heard the chimes ringing in her head as well. "Welcome to Shattrath, tauren. May you find safety within these walls." Before Beriga could ask the being why she was here, he chimed once me in her mind. "I know you seek the materials to make the powerful sword known as Lionheart. There is a certain ethereal trader in the lower city who could use some assistance, and make your quest much easier. Earn his trust Beriga, May the light watch over you."

Still stunned at what the being was telling her, she silently walked away and left the main domed building in search of this ethereal. Reaching the lower city she came across a small group of strange energy beings wrapped in cloth, they had a humanoid appearance to them as if the cloth contained their life force. Asking timidly, "Excuse me, I was told a certain ethereal could use assistance?" They 'looked' her direction for a moment at silently pointed at a lone ethereal rummaging through some wooden boxes.

Slowly walking up to the lone ethereal she let out a awkward hello, "Greetings...uh, friend." Not really sure the proper way to greet the race, it seemed to work anyway. Still rummaging through the boxes he reponded, "Ah, hello tauren. Is there something I can help you with?" Beiga put her hands on her hips. "I was told you could use some assistance with something." Quickly responding as if excited he shut the box and took a step toward Beriga. "Why, yes actually. You see those three good-for-nothing waste of wrapping? They are actually my business partners...horrible ones at that might I add."

"So you want me to get rough with them?" Beriga quirked an eyebrow at the comparatively short ethereal. "No no, nothing like that. You see, we get orders from buyers for certain items, we retrieve said items and get paid handsomely. The problem is, we're not fighters; we're traders. See that ogre inside that inn?" Beriga spotted the obvious giant form in the building. Who was also obviously very drunk as he was yelling and the way he swayed just from turning his head. "You want me to deal with him?"

"It's not him we want, its the trinket he stole from us and kept for himself. Without that trinket we cant finish this order and our bottom line can go dive in the the nether! We will...I will gladly make it worth the trouble." Beriga thought for a moment and pulled out the scroll for the sword and the materials needed. "Can you get me the materials listed on here?" Handing the scroll to the ethereal he quickly scanned through it. "That's all? I'll have it ready for you tomorrow if you quickly dispose of that ogre right now!" Handing back the scroll, beriga agreed to retrieve this small trinket.

Sitting onto one of the stools in the inn, she was greeted by the barkeep who was a draenei. "Ah, hello tauren. Dont get many of you around here. Is there something I can get you?" Beriga half ignored him as he was looking at the ogre. Turning back at the barkeep, she asked him about the drunkard. "Oh, him. His name is Raliq..." Immediately the ogre turned toward the barkeep and eyed him for a moment. "And, d-don't you foreget it!" He turned back around and chugged down another drink, letting out a loud belch.

The draenei across the table sighed. Talking in a more hushed tone so the ogre doesn't hear him, "I just wish he was gone, he's not helping our business at all." Beriga had no idea how to take on a enemy so...large. "Any ideas how to?" The draenei's eyes brightened. Still speaking quietly, "See those guards over there, they kick people out if fights start out anywhere in shattrath. If you can somehow force the ogre to get into a brawl with you, they should take care of the rest."

"That shouldn't be hard...minus the getting punched in the face by a ogre that's thrice my size." Walking beside the ogre, Beriga immediately got his attention. "Wut you want, cow?!" Beriga thought of a good taunt to bring up. Judging by how drunk the ogre was, she could say a compliment and he would probably get angry. "Cow? I'm sure your heifer of a mother couldn't conceive until that gronn helped her out!"

The taunt worked like it intended to, he went into a rage as he stood up. "D-dun you talk about her dat way!" Beriga immediately pulled out her shield as the first fist flew at her, which she bounced off her shield. The imbalance from the shield redirecting the ogre's attack, sent him fumbling across the inn and plummet his face into the flooring with a loud crack. "The guards outside responded from the loud crack of skull against wood. "Who started this brawl?!" The innkeep pointed toward the drunk ogre who was stumbling to get back up. "Again Raliq? I thought we told you to leave the other customers alone." The ogre ignored that guards and started attacking Bringing her shield up, she put all of her weight into slamming it against the ogre, knocking him backwards onto the floor again. "Oof!"

Ordering the tauren to stand down, she put her shield back on her back. The ogre wasn't moving, walking beside him, he must've went unconcious from his head hitting the floor again. Spotting the strange trinket around his neck the ethereal described she snatched it before the guards carried him away. The barkeep was grinning widely at Beriga. "Finally, with him gone customers wont be so scared of coming here. We owe you big time, and maybe a drink?" Turning down the drink, she waved goodbye to the draenei and met with the ethereal trader again.

"Here's your strange trinket, you better not back down on your promise." The ethereal was busily eyeing the trinket given to him. "Dont be silly, we ethereal respect our business with others, especially ones who do good work! A deal is a deal, meet back here tomorrow for the materials." Slightly relieved and excited, he bowed before him and went to get some rest back at the inn.

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 Post subject: Re: Beriga Lionhoof, the Lionheart Blade
PostPosted: Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:06 am 
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Chapter 3

"Wake up little one, time to wake up." Beriga opened her eyes to the unknown soothing voice to find a female tauren's head hovering over her. She was inside a small woven basket inside of a tent. The sun was shining outside brightly. Her mother smiled and pulled back as she towering over Beriga. "Oh my, she has your eyes." Another tauren showed up from the side and didn't have the loving look in his eyes or soothing voice. "Yes, she's sure to become a great brave one day, I can feel it. She felt a sense of vertigo as she was lifted up from a basket on the ground and swung around the room. She felt dizzy but she had a uncontrollable urge to laugh which she did in a high-pitched small voice.

The spinning continued until she stopped and found herself surrounded by golden plains, she was apparently walking by herself and had grown a bit. The small tent where they were living was not too far away, under the shade of a giant tree. She heard quiet sobbing coming from her mother in the tent. Running toward it, she was screaming. "Mama! Ma...ma." Running into the tent she was grabbed by her father. "Nnngh lemme go! Is mama OK!?" She spotted her curled onto the ground in a fetal position. Beriga felt her blood boil and she immediately bit her fathers ear and fell onto the ground. Running over to her mother she found no visible wounds, just tears running down her face and the left side of her face red. Beriga hugged her mother, noticing she was crying too and she immediately returned the hug. "Mama, whats wrong!?" There was no response, only her father grabbing her, yanking her away from her mother's arms and dragging her out of the tent.

Beriga woke up, her eyes darting around the room ready to attack the first sign of a threat toward her mother, but found herself back in Shattrath. She had awoken just slightly early of the sun rising over the outside walls. "Only a nightmare..." She felt her face damp to find she was really crying in her sleep. "...If only it was a nightmare." She couldn't sleep after the horrible recollection of memories and decided to visit the draenei which she helped out yesterday. Putting her clothes back on along with her armor she left the building and into the still crisp dawn air.

"Ah hello again!" The draenei barkeep immediately noticed Beriga enter. The draenei was right, the bar was full of different races enjoying just as many different drinks. "Business is booming again thanks to you! Hey everyone! You better be thankful today, this tauren is the only reason your getting drunk!". They cheered and raised their drinks to that. "So what can I do for you? Ready for that free drink I proposed?" Beriga nodded and sat down on the stool in front of her. "Have anything that can make me forget past memories?" Beriga rested her head on one of her hands. The draenei's face soured. "I'm sorry when I say I refuse to give drinks for that reason. No alchohal can get rid of your past no matter how bitter or sweet it is." Beriga frowned but understood what he was trying to say. "I see...do you have any alternatives besides alchohal on your shelves?"

The next couple of hours involved talking with the barkeep about her reasons in shattrath, breaking drunkard noses from being too 'interested' in her and enjoying Telarri grape juice. Finally forgetting about that happened while dreaming, she decided to return to the ethereal trader to collect the materials.

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