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Reflections: Glory. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 07 September 2010 11:29

Last night Team 1 downed hard mode Sindragosa and earned [Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10)], earning a major feather in the collective Portent Alliance cap:

According to GuildOx...
We are the #1 "Casual" 10-man raiding guild on Sentinels.
We are the #2 guild in 10-man progression Horde-side.
We are the #6 10-man progression guild on the server (meaning the other 5 guilds are 25-man guilds with 25-man gear doing 10-man progression).
The only way we can move up in progression rankings is to beat 25-man guilds to the Hard Mode Lich King fight.

Team 1 is going to take a well-earned 2-week break from progression content. Instead, we're going to be Team 2's official cheerleading squad.

Amusing notes about the Sindy fight:

On previous attempts we had plenty of time. On our winning attempt, she actually enraged. She had just enough time to take out the two tanks and turned to the healers when the DPS dropped her.

Everyone was so excited about getting the Frostwyrms (which were somehow mailed to us) that we almost completely forgot to loot Sindy and instead crowded around a MOLL-E dropped in the middle of the battlefloor.

We had a hard time finding a place to take a picture since the around around ICC is phased. We finally took our picture on top of the Violet Citadel in Dalaran with Icecrown in the background. Then we took our required turn hovering over the well by the north bank, overshadowing some poor player who had just earned his Red Protodrake.

Now...imagine a fleet of these in Cataclysm, flying into the Crossroads when it comes under attack!


Team 1 on their Frostwyrms after completing [Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10)]!


Congrats Team 1, and Congrats Portent Alliance!


Reflections: The "Portents Raid Everything" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Wednesday, 09 June 2010 15:52

Yet another update! Whee!

First of all: THE PORTENTS WILL BE RAIDING BLIZZCON 2010!! Through some fast-clicking and networking with Twitter folks, we have a bunch of Portents members who will be going to BlizzCon this year! As usual, I look forward to seeing everyone, and it will be the largest turnout of Portents members yet! Last year Udiyvli, Ailinea, Jezriyah, Entropian, Wernstrom, Maelyne, and Nycodemus all went and had a blast. This year we look forward to seeing some more faces including Bosorn, Cadistra, Callieta, Cervus, Lothloren, Nairobi, and Thuryn. Hopefully Entropian, Kattja, Maelyne, and Wernstrom will be able to come up for a visit as well. Dinner Thursday night? I hope I didn't forget anyone...that's quite a few people as it is!

Raid Team 2 has defeated Sindragosa and we'll hopefully have another 10 people wearing "the Kingslayer" titles this week! I need to poke at someone else to make this portion of the update...

Raid Team 1 has begun working on Hard Modes and the other achievements necessary for the Frost Wyrm mounts. We've downed the "Fun Ship" on Hard, last night we downed Marrowgar's hard mode, and have also taken out all except the Sindragosa and Lich King non-hard mode achievements. We DID get [Portal Jockey] but thanks to a bug we didn't get credit. Thankfully we know the method and should be able to claim it this week.

Saturdays have become very successful 25-man raid nights, too! We've been clearing Lower Spire, but either this week or next week we're going to start extending the lockout to begin working on the Upper Spire fights. We also take out VoA and sometimes the weekly raid (if people need it) on Saturdays.

I think that's all the real news for now.

I'm going to show this off because I can.



Reflections: WE WON THE GAME! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Wednesday, 19 May 2010 04:51

A picture is worth a thousand words...




Last Updated ( Wednesday, 19 May 2010 04:52 )
Reflections: The "ARTHAS, YOU'RE ON NOTICE!" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Friday, 23 April 2010 03:35

Once again, I've been slacking with page updates. Things happen too fast that by the time I want to blog about it, it's long past. But I'm gonna keep this short...

Both raid teams have been having a staggering amount of success! Up until last night, Team 2 had caught up to Team 1's progression. This is the Little Team That Could...1-shotting (healing?) the Dreamwalker fight and learning Blood Princes (despite the glitch where the disco balls weren't spawning in the raid area) and Lana'thel very quickly last week. To clear ICC, they just need to take down Sindragosa and the Lich King.

Since I'm not on that team, it's hard for me to go into further detail. I also don't have screenshots for obvious reasons. I'd love for a member to submit some to me to show off here! (Hint hint!)

Team 1 just took down Sindragosa tonight! Seems we've been plagued with technical difficulties (such as people's internet going on the fritz in the final phase) or required out-of-town trips (RL comes first, of course) that interfered with our raiding, but we finally got her!


Portent Alliance takes down Sindragosa!

Arthas has been put on notice. Portent Alliance is coming for him!

Reflections: The "Forward Momentum!" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 09 March 2010 12:39

Again, I apologize for not keeping up with posting to the front page and the guild Twitter. I really need to keep my netbook nearby for tweets, and keep a list of things we've accomplished (or post more often) so I can remember everything that we've been doing instead of trying to catalogue them from memory at the end of the week.

First of all, we've gone back to 10-man progression. Sacrificing our Strict 10-man standing was a mistake, but we'll get back to 25's in the near future. Long story short, twisting yourself into a pretzel (bending over backwad a million times over) doesn't do much good when some people just hold onto negative attitudes until they explode. It takes everyone involved to work together, and unfortunately we had some people who were investing more energy in being angry over "not having something" than in helping us work with them to earn it. But we've weathered worse "drama bombs" and it's just part of the growth cycle. The guild's been around for over six years...we've learned how to channel those "explosions" into forward movement.

Team 2 was struggling, it's true. But Ktok has taken the reins (temporarily--he's looking for the right person for the job to train as their raid leader) and shown them that there was nothing wrong with the team itself. In the days after the peak of the loldrama, they were able to prove to everyone that they were perfectly capable of success! They downed Sarth3D and all of the Lower Spire in ICC with only a few wipes that were typical of learning new fights. This past week they were able to do it again, and faster...to the point they were looking for new challenges. The challenge they picked? They took out 5 of the Ulduar hard modes in one night! FL+4, [Stokin' the Furnace], [Heartbreaker], [Disarmed], and [Crazy Cat Lady] fell to their newfound enthusiasm! We really think that they have Rusted Protodrakes in their future. And with a few more gear upgrades from running Lower Spire and getting frost badges, they will soon start clearing the Upper Spire too!

Everyone is incredibly proud of Team 2. It's amazing how injecting a little bit of positive attitude can help folks reach their potential...and I have a feeling we'll be seeing more achievements spam guild chat on Team 2 raid nights!

Team 1's moving along as well. Over the past few weeks, we took out raid nights from working on ICC to finish up our Rusted Protodrakes. Team 1 had enough setbacks of its own since Ulduar launched, and we'd always wanted to finish that achievement because those mounts are just beautiful. So we finally buckled down and took it out! Firefighter gave us the most trouble...it's fun, but it's not a "gear fight" and relies a lot on RNG, execution, and reaction. If one person zigs when they should have zagged, it's a wipe. Better yet, we were taking people in there who had never seen the fight before or only saw it a few times, so they were learning it, and the rest of us hadn't seen it in ages so we were all very rusty. We spent a night wiping on it as we were getting used to the phases, and then the next night we went in and one-shotted it like pros! [I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning] was a 2-shot. Like Firefighter, [One Light in the Darkness] had a steep learning curve. Two people had never seen the fight and the rest of the team only saw it a few times and downed Yogg once before we went to ToC. We had two nights of wipefests, making progression as we re-learned the fight, and when the kill finally came, it was picture-perfect. I wish someone had FRAPS running!

Our attention has been turned back to ICC now, and we're aiming for Arthas and then hard modes. The Plague and Blood Quarters are both down, and this week we're focusing on learning the Frost Quarter. Real life is merely a set back!

Again, I need to go through my screenshots folder to post our boss kills.

To everyone who's stuck it out and trusted us, thank you. We're all in this together.

And if you're not feeling the warm-fuzzies I'm sending your way, then maybe this will help:

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