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Written by Ailinea   
Monday, 09 February 2009 18:13
Yeah, I've slacked in updating what we've done.  Maybe it's because we were busy doing things, hrmm?

Our usual raids have taken place.  Naxx keeps falling to us, as do Sapph, KT, Malygos, Arch, and Sarth.  Whee!

We got to experience first-hand the Sapphiron bug where the AoE was doing double-damage to the party.  We thought at first that the changes to Circle of Healing was the reason the healers couldn't keep up, but it still didn't make any sense.  It was a nerf, but not THAT extreme.  Then we found out about the bug.  Niiiiiice.  On the plus side, we *did* eventually kill Sarth despite the fight being harder.  So of course when we went in this week, we one-shotted him because it was suddenly "easier."  Gotta love the comparison.

Again, we've been bringing "new" (I hate calling them "new" because they're not...and not "inexperienced" because they aren't...) folks into the raids, allowing the original raiders a chance to cycle taking a break, and giving others a chance to gear up and get badges.

Sunday hosted 25-mans are still going well.  Not only is the PA roster benefitting from it, but we're making connections to others who have an interest in having some fun and getting a fair chance at some loot that they otherwise might not have a shot at.  (The joy of scheduling it for a guaranteed time and day.)  We've prided ourselves on being fair: If you came along for the kill, you have a right to roll no matter what tag you have over your head.  That said, I'm disappointed that some people have taken that generosity for granted.  It's to be expected, though.  We try to keep note of those people and not invite them back.  Funny how a simple "Thank you" or word of appreciation goes a long way to getting more than just your gloves.

Hey, I'm a fire mage with a personality to match!  WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!

In other news, Team Level Appropriate took down Razorfen Kraul last weekend, and Gnomeregan last night.  It was nice having a bit of a challenge, and also to have loot dropping that we can actually use.  We're doing these dungeons at their "suggested levels" but the upgrade drop rate can be a little frustrating at times.  At least the quest rewards have been useful.

Alts happened.  Epic RP happened.

It's all a blur right now.

(I'll let people fill in their own accomplishments.  All I know is I'm now the HATBOSS, and I don't think anyone will be taking that title any time soon.)
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1 Thursday, 12 February 2009 09:46
Well for the past couple of weeks, between restless nights not sleeping and such.. I have been mage-ing it, Seronic has gone solo adventuring from 30 to 43 ..but now I have forgotten how to play my lock..*head smack* So soon Defacus will be pressing on again but its just been fun blowing things up...still looking forward to Sundays and TLA!!!
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