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Written by Ailinea   
Wednesday, 09 June 2010 15:52

Yet another update! Whee!

First of all: THE PORTENTS WILL BE RAIDING BLIZZCON 2010!! Through some fast-clicking and networking with Twitter folks, we have a bunch of Portents members who will be going to BlizzCon this year! As usual, I look forward to seeing everyone, and it will be the largest turnout of Portents members yet! Last year Udiyvli, Ailinea, Jezriyah, Entropian, Wernstrom, Maelyne, and Nycodemus all went and had a blast. This year we look forward to seeing some more faces including Bosorn, Cadistra, Callieta, Cervus, Lothloren, Nairobi, and Thuryn. Hopefully Entropian, Kattja, Maelyne, and Wernstrom will be able to come up for a visit as well. Dinner Thursday night? I hope I didn't forget anyone...that's quite a few people as it is!

Raid Team 2 has defeated Sindragosa and we'll hopefully have another 10 people wearing "the Kingslayer" titles this week! I need to poke at someone else to make this portion of the update...

Raid Team 1 has begun working on Hard Modes and the other achievements necessary for the Frost Wyrm mounts. We've downed the "Fun Ship" on Hard, last night we downed Marrowgar's hard mode, and have also taken out all except the Sindragosa and Lich King non-hard mode achievements. We DID get [Portal Jockey] but thanks to a bug we didn't get credit. Thankfully we know the method and should be able to claim it this week.

Saturdays have become very successful 25-man raid nights, too! We've been clearing Lower Spire, but either this week or next week we're going to start extending the lockout to begin working on the Upper Spire fights. We also take out VoA and sometimes the weekly raid (if people need it) on Saturdays.

I think that's all the real news for now.

I'm going to show this off because I can.



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