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Portent Alliance Guild Charter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 19:25


Preamble | Guild Organization | Guild Rules and Expectations


Portent… a premonition or omen of a great, cataclysmic event that will come to pass. In recent times, there are those among us who have experienced disrupted sleep and waking visions of a future in which none live upon the face of Norrath or Luclin. These portents show us a future in which Luclin is entirely obliterated, and where the surface of Norrath is scoured clean of life by her debris. This, we can not allow to happen.


We are the Portent Alliance, an organization of those who have received the vision, and those who simply believe in its validity. We set out to seek answers to the nature of this terrible threat to all known life. We put aside all racial and religious differences to join together in the face of such a threat. We will travel to the deepest dungeons, and to the highest Planes, for where there exists the unknown, there may exist answers. We may not be able to stop the fulfillment of the portent, but we will do all we can to mitigate its impact. If even one spark of life can be saved, our trials and blood will have served their purpose.

We stand together… lest we die alone.

-Ktok Throoks
Excerpt from his journal, prior to the Crossing of the Veil of Time.

Guild Organization

The Portent Alliance uses a guild ranking system beyond the basic "Recruit, Member, Officer, Leader" format to delegate different responsibilities within the guild and the guild Legions.

Guild Ranks:

Seeker - Upon joining the Portent Alliance, the new member will be of Seeker status. Promotion to Mystic will happen automatically once the Seeker has been a member for 30 days without incident. Seekers may vote for sponsored applicants, but may not sponsor new applicants themselves.

Mystic - Upon completion of the 30-day waiting period, the Seeker shall be promoted to Mystic. Mystics make up the majority of the family and can sponsor new applicants as well as vote on sponsored applicants.

Augur - This is an honorary rank given to those who have served the family for a long time and with honor. Augurs have the same level of responsibility as Mystics, but have proven themselves to be unquestionably loyal to the family.

Templar - The Templar rank is reserved for exceptional individuals who show great willingness and ability to help others. The Templar serve where and when they can to assist the family members in matters both dire and mundane. They are, in a sense, the Honor Guard of the Council. The ranks of the Templar are limited to a maximum of five members. Templar are not officers.

Avatar - The Avatar of the Portent is a rank given to an individual who is not only qualified to be a Templar, but who is also far and away overqualified in every regard. The Avatar must be knowledgeable of the world of Norrath like few others are, and must be able to lead and plan hunts, raids and other events when called upon to do so. The Avatar is generally the primary individual that is consulted in matters of battle strategies prior to a major engagement. The Avatar is a junior officer rank on par with the Seers and Seeresses, and is considered the leader of the Templar.

Arbiter: Arbiters are the guilded alts of other officers. All officer alts can be promoted to Arbiter at their request. The reason for this is to provide officer-level administrative abilities even if our officers are not on as their main characters.

Officer Positions: The following titles hold officer power in guild, and are not to be taken lightly.

Seer/Seeress - This rank is the primary junior officer rank of the Portent Alliance. Members of this rank can tag new members and alts, update the message of the day, and promoted people from Recruit to Member in the in-game guild tool. They are also have moderator access to most of the message board, and access to every forum on the message board except for the Innermost Sanctum. As an officer, they are responsible for dealing with problems that arise within the guild and problems outside of the guild that include one or more guild members. They are the first link in the chain of command-level ranks. There can be up to four Seers or Seeresses at any time.

Seer/Seeress rank is earned in one of two ways:
a) Invitation by Senior officers (Prophets/Prophetesses) due to service record.
b) Petitioning if the member considers him/herself worthy of the title of Seer/ess. Determination of the petitioning member’s qualifications for this rank will be made by the existing council.

Prophet/Prophetess - The Prophets and Prophetesses are the senior officers of the Council. They have all the responsibilities and access of the Seer rank, as well as access to The Innermost Sanctum. There can be only two Prophets/Prophetesses at any given time, and they are voted in by existing members of the Council from the ranks of the Seers. If a Seer can not resolve an issue, a Prophet is the next step.

Oracle - The Oracle is the second in command of the guild. As one might expect, the Oracle has all the duties of a Prophet and then some. Currently, these extra duties include maintaining the front end of our web page and posting updates handed down by the Harbinger. There is only one Oracle at any given time.

Harbinger of the Portent - The Harbinger is the guild leader of the Portent Alliance. The Harbinger of the Portent is responsible for all of the duties of the other officers, assisting guild members, leading guild meetings, and collaborating with other guilds in any join efforts. The Harbinger of the Portent is the public figurehead, diplomat, and spokesperson of the Portent Alliance.
In the event that the current Harbinger should ever step down, an open election would be held to nominate and choose a successor, who would then be approved by the members of the Council.

Guild Rules and Expectations

If any member does not log in within a 30 day period, and no reason has been given, they will be considered Inactive.

After a total of 60 days (30 days after being moved to Inactive) an email will be sent to the member warning them that they have 15 days to contact an officer or it will be assumed they have left the game with no interest in rejoining the guild. The email used will be the one given during registration to the message board. If this email is not correct, the notice can not be sent.

After a total of 75 days with no contact, they will be deguilded. If they ever return, they can be reconsidered for rejoining, but they must start at the lowest rank just as though they were a brand new member and complete the normal entry process, including obtaining a sponsor.

Given proper notice and reasons for a leave, no action will be taken against the absent member. All we require is to know that you will be gone for a while, why (if it is relevant), and when you anticipate your return.

No L337… it is obnoxious. Using it as a joke is one thing. Using it because you think it makes you cool is indicative of a level of mental retardation that is not befitting a member of our guild.

While no one is expected to have perfect spelling and grammar, English is the standard language in guild. Please take care when writing, and keep such “net speak” shortcuts as “r u going 2 the raid?” to a minimum. Like L337, it is extremely obnoxious.

Swearing and “off color” jokes are not banned, but complaints about members who use them to the extent that they offend will be taken very seriously and the offending member will be counseled about the complaint. Continued or hideously offensive behavior can be grounds for removal from the guild.

Members are expected to help other members to the best of their abilities. We are all in this together, or not at all.

The reputation of our guild tags is important. Please remember this when dealing with others in the lands of Norrath. Treat others as you feel you should be treated, even if they are of the opposing city. We are Qeynos based, but we welcome all people of decent intent, regardless of where they call home. Accept no discrimination, and show none in return.

Acts of dishonor will be brought before the council and punishment will be decided upon. Proof of dishonorable acts, when presented to the council, will be considered and action taken as deemed necessary, including possible removal from the guild. Without proof or witness, complaints from one member of another may not be considered. It is suggested to keep your /log option on when dealing with conflict. In short, no proof or witness equates to no complaint.

Alts are allowed. While encouraged to join the Portent Alliance guild, it is not required. Using the alt to join another guild to harass or attempt to destabilize the Portent Alliance or the other guild is unacceptable behavior and will be met with removal from the Portent Alliance and exposure to the leader(s) of the other guild involved.

Knowing the identity of an alternate character must be kept within the guild. Only the owner of the alt may tell their original identity to anyone.

Violation of SOE’s “Play Nice” rules will not be tolerated. In the end, EQ2 is a game, and trying to ruin the fun for any player is not acceptable behavior.

Violations of the Play Nice rules include but are not limited to:

Sexual Harassment
“Virtual Sexual Assault” (yes, it does happen)
Hate comments against a player’s race, religion, sexual preference, etc.
Spamming /shout or /auction channels with insulting speech
Deliberate Training of other players
Ninja Looting
Kill Stealing
(Technically, kill stealing does not exist in EQ2. It does, however, exist in the minds of our members. If you see someone camping a named, and that named pops, do not pull it out from under them. That person/group may have been waiting for *hours* and you just screwed them out of their reward. That is dishonor of the worst kind, bordering on theft, and we will not tolerate it.)

Reporting Misconduct:
Proof of misconduct (again, it is suggested that members keep their /log option on) is required for action to take place. The officers may trust your word, but without written proof, they have nothing to present to the offender in order to solve the issue. At the first offense, the offender will be counseled about his/her behavior. If a change is not seen and more logged reports are turned in, the offender will be asked to leave or be deguilded by an officer. In some severe instances, no second chance will be given.

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