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Written by Ailinea   
Wednesday, 12 November 2008 00:45

The Portent Alliance has done a fairly decent job of maintaining low drama, remaining helpful, and having leaders and officers available as needed.  However we also emphasize the importance of enjoying Real Life(TM), so of course we can’t be on all the time.

How do you get in contact with someone from the Portents when needed?

First, try logging in.  Take note of the leaders and officers’ names in the Armory and send someone a /tell.  Ktok is usually on one of his characters within 24 hours.  Someone can point you in his direction.

You can also send an in-game mail if no one you wish to contact is on.  Again, Ktok and the other officers usually play often enough that they will read it fairly quickly.

If you need to get a hold of someone during the daytime, log into the forum and send a PM.  Note: Your account must be activated by Ktok or another Admin in order to use the forum system.  Sorry, but you can thank the spambots for that precaution.  (Hint hint:  Use the forums!)

If you can’t get in touch with Ktok, talk to one of the officers.  Most of us have each other’s cell phone numbers and can call or text in case of an emergency.

What’s an emergency?  If you are a member and you are going to the hospital, that’s an emergency.

If you are not a member and just want to bitch about something a PA member did, wait until we’re in game.  Really, we’d rather talk to you in person in game where we can deal with the issue.  We won’t bite your heads off or automatically believe the PA member is innocent.  Really.  We take complaints seriously…we may need proof (screenshots work well), but we will listen, get both sides of the story, and work it out.  (Yes, we have kicked people based on valid complaints from non-guildies.)

A few names of the people you can contact:









Note: I’d put our email addresses on here, but again, due to spambots, we’d prefer that you contact us in game or over our forum.

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