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A week in the life of Portent Alliance PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Monday, 01 December 2008 03:02

This is the first of a weekly feature where people can post what they've done over the past week. (Because the site is still new, this is also an opportunity to test out the Comments feature...but you have to be a registered member to use it!)

It doesn't matter how "big" or "small" your accomplishment is. If it's something you want to mention, please post it! In the future, I would like this intro article to be guild-focused, and the comments be about individuals. However, being the first post, we gotta start somewhere....

This weekend was Thanksgiving, so a lot of people were away from Azeroth. Those who were home were able to put in some serious playing hours. Here are a few of the accomplishments I know of. Please add your own:

  • Leoloren was having lag problems, so Xendayr, Ailinea, Grissle, and Jezriyah went into the Violet Hold instance for the first time (on regular, since it was the first time we'd seen it) and 4-manned it with little problem. When Leo was able to finally log in, we 5-manned it easily.
  • Jez and Leo both hit level 80 during the break. They join Thuryn and Grissle in the Level 80 Club.
  • Xen and Aili are not far behind, and hit 79 on Sunday night. They plan to hit 80 this week.
  • Indisthanis hit 70...then proceeded to work on Maranthis. She and Herneson were distracted by shiny Death Knight alts.

I know there was more...but it's late and that's all I can remember. Add your own to make the list complete! (And don't forget to post screenshots!)

Last Updated ( Monday, 01 December 2008 03:24 )
Comments (10)
A week....
1 Monday, 01 December 2008 16:39
Schwanda dinged 67 and is now halfway to 68 and flight form

Kupcake is now a Death Knight. The idea of a Gnome DK named "Kupcake" appealed to my sense of whimsy. Also gives me a chance to see the Alliance zones.
As of last night...
2 Monday, 01 December 2008 17:59
Xen has dinged 79 as of last night, and is something like two skillups away from capping out first aid.

I need to find time to continue working his mining and blacksmithing up. Really want to get that epic shield made at some point soon.

All other characters are pretty much on hold, but Ktok will get some attention once Xen and Aili are 79.
2 more to 80
3 Wednesday, 03 December 2008 02:28
Xen and Aili dinged 80 last night. Saw Canivoris getting some heroic dungeon accomplishments, too. i think we have 7 at the level cap now, and several coming up through the ranks. We'll be doing heroics and starting Naxx in no time!
Draggin Ass
4 Wednesday, 03 December 2008 11:16
Defacus just dinged 71 last night between AFKs to tend to the little ones..so once again he's bringing up the rear, and trying to temper his alt-itis with his shiny orc DK, Urtash. which is way fun and cresting 60 so about to venture into Outlands .. Grats to all the "dings", drops and achievements last night..It was good to hear some familiar voices on Vent..Looking forward to Sunday evening with the LAG team!!
The Culling
5 Thursday, 04 December 2008 00:47
Canivoris, Leoloren, Grissle, Ailinea, and Xendayr took on their first level 80 heroic dungeon, doing The Culling of Stratholme. It was the first heroic for a few of us, and the first time most of us had been in that dungeon. In addition, I'd also say most of us were still in lower-70's gear as our Burning Crusade armor hasn't been totally replaced yet.

We managed to get through it, learning as we went along. Next time we'll be able to move through it faster.

We also learned that Arthas is worse than Thrall when it comes to being a pickup group member.
Le sigh.
6 Thursday, 04 December 2008 10:12
I guess none of us will ever grow up to be major characters in Azerothian history, since the prerequisite appears to be not knowing how to play your class.
7 Thursday, 04 December 2008 13:10
Grissle called Arthas a "facepulling noobcake."
Legends of Azeroth
8 Thursday, 04 December 2008 15:09
And Thrall just rolls his face around on the Charge and Mortal Strike buttons.

I'm half surprised Sylvanas didn't run around breaking CC.
9 Thursday, 04 December 2008 15:37
Remember...what Sylvanas lacks between her legs, she makes up for in brains.

She has the right to be the FIRST to yell at people for being huntards.
Team LAG-1
10 Thursday, 11 December 2008 16:50
K so Sunday night (12/07/08) LAG-1 started their march of the Instances..
RFC - Check-o-roonie, only slow down was mana regeneration
next up WC .. range 17-20 tenative scheduled for 12/14/08
Here are the quests if you are missing any of the chains that lead to them..
With Deadmines (VC) being 17-20 and SFK being 18-21 really have to make sure we you don't log out in an inn before doing the chain quests to lead into the instances..Will be very easy to out level the next 3-4 instances if you aren't careful. Especially since we are trying to do them as close to level as possible..
Side note is that we have no hunter or lock..so no pets..gonna be interesting..How is LAG-2 team going or was that not brought to fruition?
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