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Reflections: The Terminator edition. ("Ah'll be bahck!") PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 06 January 2009 18:31
The problem with doing our raiding early in the week is that I was so excited that I reported most of the exciting stuff already.  But at least I had some pictures.

We tried taking down Malygos last night.  Got the bastard down to 8% on our best try, but it still was not enough.  While we're disappointed, we KNOW we can get him the next time we go in.  It took us a while to really get to know the fights...sure, we all read the strategies and watched the videos, but it's *different* when you're actually in there.  We discovered we could have used a little more DPS during the first two phases, and that would have given us a little more time before the enrage timer.  If we had that extra DPS to shave off some time, we would have had him.  But now we can safely say we have the first two phases down.  The third phase isn't hard, just takes some practice.  So this week we're going to be doing more work with the Aces High! daily quest to get some more training in.

I sincerely believe that the next time we go in there, we will be coming out victorious (and Leo WILL have video of the winning fight!).  It was a wonderful learning experience last night, and we discovered where we needed work.  What also impressed me was that despite our tiredness and frustration, our post-raid dialogue was incredibly supportive.  It was a team collaboration of figuring out how to tweak our specs and re-gem or re-enchant gear, or even where to get new upgrades, so we can bring Malygos down on our next trip in.  I really love seeing the guild come together like that for each other.  We had that camaraderie in EQ1, it was missing in EQ2, but I feel like it's back and stronger than ever in WoW.

As for the rest of the week, we've all been taking our time doing heroics, getting faction, and...wow, come to think of it a lot still has been going on!

Qoholeth and Sheiky both dinged 80, and we added Decayen and Hayte to our ranks.  That brings us to 19 level 80's, and only one is an alt.

Seeing the numbers swell is making us all gain more interest in possibly dipping our toes into 25-man content.  Before this can happen, mind you, we need to get the new 80's geared up and are running heroics to do so (and planning raid rotations to give new 80's a fair shot at that gear too).  But we've noticed we still have a nice balance of people.  It's looking really good to have two squads of 80's running Naxx per week until we get a few more (either members or friends of the guild) to try a 25-man.

On the lower end of the level scale, Team Level Appropriate busted down the doors of Shadowfang and evicted Arugal.  Xenshi even walked away in his robes.  Black Fathom Deep is next on the hit list!  (We need a new name for that group, I think....)

And I, uhhh...became a Grand Master Baiter.  Yes, I am one of the crazy ones who LIKES fishing and got my skill to 450.

Tonight we go back in to Naxx and start clearing from the Spider Wing again....
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Defacus progress
1 Thursday, 08 January 2009 16:33
Ding 73...slowly but surely
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