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Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 13 January 2009 20:13

And another "When did this all happen?" week.  The mind still boggles!

If you couldn't tell from the picspam below, it's been a busy week.  PA successfully cleared Naxx (again--this time with a picture of us posing in front of Sapphiron's body) and then took Malygos head-on.

A little about the Malygos fight:  We three-shotted him.  We got to the third phase every time, but it took the first two tries to get everything to gel together.  In fact, the second try, we got Malygos down to 1% after he enraged.  I'm actually glad we didn't get him on that attempt (and not just because I was dead during the entire third phase due to a string of bad luck) because I didn't want our first kill to be a "Whoops!  Well, we did it by the skin of our teeth, but we did it!" situation.  The third try?  No deaths.  And we handily took him down.  There was no question in the end that it was a successful run.  We WILL be doing it again.

Leo got video, but is working on editing it right now.  Expect to see it here soon.

Sunday was a planned 25-man run into the Obsidian Sanctum to take down Sartherion.  We fielded about 17(?) PA members, and pugged in the rest with friends.  I've heard people say you can take him down easily with only 20 people.  I have to agree.  Mind you, we didn't do any of the achievements to leave any of the drakes up, but it was the first time most of us had seen the Heroic version.  I suspect achievements will be in the near future.

Obligatory screenshots:

Posing with the corpse:



Then Leo had to explode the corpse:



A few of us also joined a late-night/early-morning pug for 25-man Archevon earlier in the weekend.  Xendayr was selected as main tank.  And that was *before* he got his shield from Malygos.  We had one wipe, but got back in there quickly and took him down on the second try.

Team Level Appropriate went into Black Fathom Deeps and wiped the place clear.  Xenshi and Pamplona had never seen the zone, and I think the rest of us had only seen it from behind a level 70 bovine wrecking ball.

We still need a new name for that group.  "Team Level Appropriate" is just too...meh.

Goetic came back (YAY!) and hit 80, so we're up to 20 level 80 characters in guild.  And only one of those is an alt.  We're getting closer and closer to being able to field 25-mans with all PA members, but we're taking things as they come.  (That said, if you are or know someone who is a good, friendly player interested in 25-mans, send Xendayr an in-game mail.)

Finally, for all the success in raiding, I have to point out we were not successful in bringing down the Dalaran Lamp Post boss on Sunday night.  Campitor and Thuryn aggroed it:



Then Leo, Jez, and Aili joined in, along with some by-standers:



The next thing you knew, we had a full raid of people (plus mounts) trying to bring it down without any luck.



Yes, we are as goofy as we are serious.

Finally, in website news, I added a picture gallery (see the link in the Guild Information menu on the left) that...isn't set up to be all fancy yet, but at least it's set up.  I'm working on trying to bridge the login functionality to work with the main site.  In the meantime, I still invite and encourage members to register (use the same username and password) and upload any screenshots, pictures, and even movies you might have that you want to share.

Ktok has also been working on updating the charter and guild information to reflect how we work in WoW.

And now I'm running late for tonight's raid... 

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LFG for H-Lamppost
1 Thursday, 15 January 2009 09:55
I'm with you on the Maly fight. I didn't mind the wipe at 1% if it meant we got to roflstomp him a few minutes later... which we did. I really think my respec (as well as everyone else's spec/chant/gem tweaking) helped a lot in the first two phases.

New name for TLA... Sylvanas' Book Club?
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