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The News
Reflections: The "Catching Up During Maintenance" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 12:55

Okay, I've been slacking on posting the news.

Portent Alliance is no longer eligible for the Strict 10-man rankings on GuildOx. We have officially begun 25-man progression in Icecrown! We've switched to a 4-night/week raid schedule where we're doing 25's on Tuesday and the following Monday, and 10's on Thursday and Saturday. This schedule may be adjusted as we are adjusting the teams to give them more balance and fit in the new members.

That said, 10-man progression is still churning ahead. We have just about completed putting together a third 10-man team, and those 10-man teams come together for the 25's.

We really hate calling our teams "Team 1," "Team 2," and "Team 3" as they hint at some form of heirarchy or status that was never intended. Teammates: feel free to make suggestions for a team name to identify yourselves.


We have cleared TOC on normal in 10's and 25's. We've also done some TOGC(10), but haven't gone back to finish it since ICC came out. Others have pugged some TOGC(10), so we know we can do it, but our focus has been on new content.

At this point, both raid teams have cleared the first four bosses/events in ICC. Team 1 has also downed Festergut, and has been working on Rotface.

We do have a desire to go back and finish our Ulduar achievements for the Rusted Protodrake. At this point, we're paused at Firefighter. Just three achievements away! We were also doing regular-ish Sarth3D runs on 10-man. Both of these have been put on the backburner for new content. Frostwyrms have been capturing our attention.

Team Level Appropriate has been chugging right along. We're now in our late 60's and working on the Burning Crusade dungeons. We love our Warchief, but Thrall is still the worst groupmate and will retain that title until we meet Arthas in Culling of Stratholme. At least he doesn't monologue for a year. My theory is that until this point, Thrall has always soloed his content so he doesn't know how to function in a group.

Speaking of gladiators, Maenus and Lothloren have put Portent Alliance on the map for the server Arena rankings. They're looking forward to the new season starting soon!

Bosses have been killed, loot has been won, and pictures have been taken. I just need to find those screenshots now....

Reflections: The "WE'RE NUMBER ONE...ONE!" edition. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 06 October 2009 02:53

What a week it's been for Portent Alliance!

As mentioned in a recent post, we finally downed Yogg-Saron in 10-man Ulduar. Sure, there are other guilds elsewhere who have him on farm, but you have to understand we had a few setbacks since this summer when we first got to General. It felt really good to finally get that last push and down Yoggy. We finally got that monkey off our backs!


Dead Yoggy



PA with dead Yoggy


Next, we did a fun run of Black Temple on Friday. It was only our third time in there as a guild...ever. We were not up to BT at the end of Burning Crusade, and we've been focused on raids that grant upgrades and progression now. So going back and seeing the sights has been an enjoyable break. Not only was it fun, though, but Udiyvli walked out of there carrying Illy-beans's other Warglaive of Azzinoth. I guess we WERE prepared, eh?


Legendary Glaivecow


Finally, we've been wanting to get this together for a while now, and finally managed to do it: Sarth3D. Getting the right mix of people so as not to step on the toes of either raid group, plus accomodate Real Life(TM) was the challenge. We have the people, but the schedule is another story. However, we did it...we finally did it! Here we are, posing with our new "of the Nightfall" titles next to Sartharion's butt.




Now, "What does the title to this entry mean?" you're probably asking....  As mentioned below, we are the number one strict 10-man guild on the server. But interestingly enough, we are #11 in overall 10-man progression (#5 Horde-side), we were the 11th guild to down Yoggy on 10-man, and the 11th guild to do Sarth3D on 10-man. We are very proud of this status and what we have achieved as a guild.

As for what's up next: We have a 25-man run on the calendar, Team 1 is going to start pushing some more heroic achievements, and Team 2 is very near to clearing the ToC raid.

Congratulations, everyone!

Another Quickie: Congratulations Cadistra! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Thursday, 01 October 2009 15:30

Recently Cadistra, Twitter friend and "WoW, Eh?" artist extraordinaire, transferred servers and joined Portent Alliance. I have to say we consider ourselves pretty lucky to have such a wonderful friend and community presence among our ranks.

Even better? She was just notified that she won Blizzard's Monthly Comic contest!

Her prizes are three volumes of Blizzard Entertainment manga, and will be considered by TOKYOPOP for contributions to upcoming volumes of both Warcraft: Legends and StarCraft: Frontline.

We are VERY proud of and happy for her!



Reflections: The "Happy Birthday PA!" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 22 September 2009 12:28
Six years ago yesterday (the 21st), an Everquest GM graced us with his/her presence and blessing, and a pair of guilds was born. The Portent of Norrath and the Portent of Luclin were created when we were told by our former guild that you "can't be a guild that raids AND RPs AND treats each other like a family!" Well, why not? That made no sense! To prove them wrong, we created the sister guilds for RP reasons but always considered them one guild. It wasn't long before we merged the two.

We still consider September 21, 2003 the birthday of Portent Alliance, the organization.

Now, you have to understand the complexity in creating a guild in EQ in the first place. You had to have a guild charter already created and written up, complete with officer roles, rules, and expectations. You had to have an RP reason for your guild to exist as well. You had to get 10 people to step out of game at the same time and into the chat program that you load from the character select screen. That's where they "signed the charter," and a GM had to be present. After herding cats, you still had to wait for the GMs to email you that they approved, and wait for them to show up IN GAME to grant your guild leader the guild tag.

There was a reason that there were fewer guilds and why the reputation of the guild was taken seriously: They were so damn hard to create! When you went through that kind of trouble, you stuck to it since the creation process was such an effort in the first place! In addition, on the Firiona Vie (RP preferred) server, you only had one character per account. Considering how hard it was to level, your character's reputation was also taken seriously. Having a bad player in your guild could harm the reputation of the guild itself.

Very few guilds last more than a few months. Good guilds usually have a lifespan of a year or two. SIX years?! If we'd had a child instead, the kid would be in first grade now!

Portent Alliance is still going strong, and getting stronger every day. We've added in many great players recently, have two 10-man teams in Ulduar and doing the ToC raid, and have a constant representation in Wintergrasp. We often have heroic dungeon groups going, and help each other in regular quests. In addition, when we pull ourselves away from the raiding/dungeon/questing aspect of the game, we still have many good and active RPers developing their characters in a qualitative way.

According to GuildOx.com, PA is the top Horde-side Strict 10-man guild, and ranked #5 for the Horde in overall 10-man progression. Our raid plans in the coming weeks should boost those rankings, as well as the 25-man progression rankings.

It's no mean feat to have accomplished these achievements, but to have survived the ups and downs of being a guild for six years? There's a lot to be proud of when you have the Portent Alliance tag over your head, no matter if you're new or a guild veteran.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 22 September 2009 12:29 )
Reflections: The "Spider SQUISH! ~8~" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 08 September 2009 13:16
Spider SQUISH! ~8~

It's Tuesday maintenance, so it's update time!

Raid group 1 went in last Tuesday into normal Trial of the Crusader (the new T9 raid content) and got all the way to Anub'arak. I'd like to say it was easy, but it's not. However, it IS fun learning new mechanics, like the Champions fight. If you say you're a raider and you don't like to PvP, well, here you really have no choice. It's like the Priestess fight in Magister's Terrace...only on crack. Don't like PvP? Too bad! LEARN FAST!

Don't get me wrong, it's still a fun raid! And Tuesday night, the only thing keeping us from taking down Anub'arak was a hard stop since it was a school night for some of our members. We would have loved to have pressed on for another half hour, but we did the right thing in calling it a night.

We went back on Thursday with our can of Raid (c wut i did thar?), but...the floor was filled in and the NPC to start the even was nowhere to be seen! Apparently this was a known bug, and you had to petition the GMs to reset it for you. So we went to Ulduar instead and decided to try our hand at some hard modes.

Flame Leviathan +4...wow. We had done +1 before, but skipping right up to +4? Yikes! We gave it several good attempts, but then decided to back it off a notch. We went back and took down the towers of Freya and Mimiron, and went back to FL with Hodir and Thorim still up. Flame Leviathan went down on the first try. We've extended the lockout timer, but next time we go in, I think we're going to give +4 a shot again...and if that doesn't work out, we'll see how +3 goes.

We didn't pull off Heartbreaker on Deconstructor, but we were also coming up against the Clock Boss and had to push through. We continued in, downed Kologarn and Auriaya without problem. (We already have Disarmed on Kologarn, and when we got to Auriaya we knew we only had one or two shots so we didn't try for Crazy Cat Lady.)

Saturday's raid time had to be rescheduled to Monday, but Leo and Ygd went in to test if our ToC instance was reset. It was, but they got it to bug again. Leo sent in another, very detailed ticket of what happened, and thanks to that, we got sent to priority in the ticket queue if it was to happen again. Huzzah for being able to reproduce exactly what happened to help Blizz fix it!

Last night we were chomping at the bit. Poor Anub'arak didn't stand a chance. We one-shotted him with no deaths. MAJOR kudos to the healers on Phase 3. That was intense!

Peccator walked away with a new shield, I won the Robes of the Sleepless, and some leather DPS shoulders dropped.

After that, we went back to Ulduar with it set in our minds to work on more Hard Modes. Hodir was next.

Let me just say that when circumstances hate you, they REALLY hate you. We got close on SO many tries. For example, our first attempt was right on target, but then Lynnloren (our main tank healer) disconnected.

That said, when things work out, they REALLY work out. We finally got "I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare" with 30 seconds left on the clock.

Did we crank out the DPS? You could say that... (because I can! ;) )

Hodir Hard Mode DPS Recount

Raid Team 2 has also been in Ulduar, and I know they're up to Auriaya. (Not being on that team, I don't have the details...but that's what Comments are for!) We're hoping to start doing 25-mans soon.

People have also become more interested in PvP. We already had Maenus as our token guild Arena junkie. Loth, Pakhet, and Thuryn have also started a 3v3 team, and others have gotten into the PvP spirit. There is often a large representation of Portent Alliance in Wintergrasp, and groups have been queueing up for battlegrounds together. Part of this renewed interest in PvP is in part thanks to being able to buy epic (uncut) gems with honor, and it doesn't take long to get the honor needed for a raw gem. But you can't deny the adrenaline rush of a good fight! It's pretty addictive!

Up this week: More ToC (we're looking forward to trying the Heroic 10-man) and Hard Mode Thorim and Freya. Groups are always running the daily heroic dungeon, so many members already have a piece or two of their T9 gear. And with the summer coming to an end, it'll be nice having people on regular schedules again so we can plan our time and focus on getting ready for 25-man raiding!
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