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The News
Reflections: The "Thousands of gold in repairs" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Wednesday, 22 April 2009 11:51

Patch 3.1.  Yes, we've ventured into Ulduar.  We got Flame Leviathan on launch day, and then came back and downed Razorscale on Thursday.  Then we spent the rest of Thursday wiping on Ignis before taking our last attempt of the night to go after Deconstructor.

From that one attempt, we know we can kill Deconstructor, but we didn't have the time to do it.  And Ignis has since been adjusted, so we're pretty sure we can take him out too now.

Saturday we went back and did Naxx10, clearing 3 of the wings in a quick sweep.

Sunday we happened to have a lot of people on, so we gathered for a Naxx25 run.  We filled in with some friends for the full 25, and again were able to clear out 3 wings.  Pumped up, we returned on Monday and cleared through Sapphiron for our first guild Naxx clear and Sapph kill.

PA's first Sapphiron25 kill as a guild.

We did get stuck on Kel'Thuzad, but we weren't complaining.  At that point it was late and we were tired, so we weren't as focused as normal at that point.

While there were phat lewts to be had, the best thing is when those friends we dragged along have a good time and decide to join us.  Welcome to the new members!

In the meantime, it seems like a lot of people are having fun with the Argent Tournament quests.  We need to do dailies anyway to make up for the repair bills!  And a couple people have joined me in the wonderful insanity that is fishing.

Finally, a few links to keep you entertained since I've been bad at updating every week:

World of Warcraft Twibe: Do you use Twitter?  Several members of PA are on this "twibe" that links a bunch of WoW players together.  You can find new people to follow here...including some of your favorite NPCs.  (Medivh recently posted a link to his blog where he has a Ravin' Peeps recipe...I want to try that!)

Coffee with Sargeras: Home of the popular Scourge Chat Logs.  There are three of them so far.  You'll laugh.  A lot.

Finally, I'll leave you with the excellent "Ulduar" video by Summergale and Cranius.


Reflections: The "Seizure Inducing" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 07 April 2009 12:51
This week we did a lot of the same stuff we've done before.

But in the style of M. Night Shymalan, there had to be a twist.

Such as a bugged background in the third phase of the Malygos fight.  It's hard to describe, but we all came out of there feeling a bit ill.  We still managed to KILL Malygos during that fight, but it was not as smooth as it usually is.

Between the second and third phases, the background goes to this wormhole effect as you drop onto your drakes.  But for us, the background didn't reset to its normal "runed" look for the final battle.  So we fought Malygos with the wormhole still going on.

Not only did it make the fight disorienting, but even trying to find the loot box and the zone out took a group effort.  We're actually amused about all of this now, but at the time it was hard on the eyes.  We were glad we downed Malygos so we didn't have to risk it again.  Also, everyone needed a break from their computers after this.

If you have WoW Model Viewer you can load up the background for it (Environments - Stars - nexusraid_wormhole.m2) and try to stare at it for about 3 minutes while focusing on a few points in *front* of this...scene.

Campitor was also nice enough to provide video for people who didn't believe it.

We also added some new members this week, and are looking at trying in-guild 25-mans in the near future.  We'll see what happens this week, but things are looking good.
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Reflections: The "We find things to do to keep us occupied and entertained" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 31 March 2009 11:49
Okay, so it's been a while since I've done a post.  Kinda hard to talk about what we've done with the guild when I could just as easily log in and enjoy time with them.

Raids happen.  This past week we did a speed run of the 10-man content.  And by speed run, we cleared all 10-man content in about two 2-hour spurts last Tuesday and Thursday.  We even managed to get the Arachnophobia achievement which is to defeat Maexxna within 20 minutes of Anub'Rekhan's death.

We've also been PuGing into some 25-man raids.  PuGs are...good reminders of why we're picky when it comes to bringing new members into PA.  Feeling antsy and want to raid 25-man content?  Run with a PuG for a few hours, and remember how glad I am that PA has skilled, mature members.  We've seen bad raid leaders, wipes that shouldn't have happened, ninja looting, and the fallout drama from all of the above just this week alone.  In stereo-high definition.  We come back to guild and say, "Man...how glad I am that the worst drama we usually have are two healers who both need an upgrade arguing that the other should take it!"

So of course, we're all getting anxious for Ulduar to drop.  While we don't miss raiding every night to learn the fights, we do miss some of the challenge that came with figuring the fights out.

Team Level Appropriate also has been racing through content.  We took out the Scarlet Monastery handily, and the other night took down the "Other Uld-or-something" dungeon of Uldaman.  We'll have to go back to Uldaman.  Strange how you can get a quest at 38, kill the final boss at 38 (although most of us had dinged 39 by then), but can't pick up the item for the quest until 40.

Fun and games abound.  Portents members have been spotted all over Azeroth with "Special Beam Cannons"...tormenting the weak and unaware with laser pointers.  Even bringing their joy to Stormwind, although the guards (and some of the players) didn't find the antics quite as funny.  So then the same pranksters ran around Dalaran with masses of paper zepplins.  There are pictures. ;)

Fun and games also occurs IRL.  Tollus/Schwanda came up for the PA mini-raid on the Raleigh Renaissance Faire (which is now lovingly dubbed "The Annual Raleigh Mud Festival").  Grissle and Calae joined us for the 5-man "dungeon."  We ran into other WoW players (helped that I wore my BlizzCon shirt to "out" us) and had a decent time together.  Grissle and Calae eventually had to leave due to child aggro, and the rest ofus packed it in soon after due to the rain.  If we had left much later, our cars would probably still be stuck in the parking field.

Hmmm...while most of this news is a summary of the past week, it does cover the past several weeks as well.

Good times!
Reflections: The "Old World Still Exists" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Wednesday, 04 March 2009 10:47
Last week we decided to take a break and do some old world raids.  I would say most of us had never seen the content (since we started raiding at the end of BC), so it was nice to see something "new" for a change.

Even doing a roflstomp, we didn't see ALL of the old raids.  However, we did do (in no particular order) AQ20, MC, TK, ZA, Kara, and of course, Onyxia.  Of all of those, we found Kael'thas in TK still a challenge when you only bring in 12 people.

Schwanda came along for many of those and got some nice upgrades that will be usable, not just for vanity.  (Although many vanity pieces were had.)

We also teamed up with Insurrection for a run on 25-man Naxx.  Many of the fights were different, but similar enough that it wasn't too bad.  We cleared Spider wing and got down Patchwerk and Grobbulus in Construct.  Gluth was giving us some trouble, and by that time it was pretty late so people weren't as on their game anymore.  We hope to go in again on a regular basis.  There were upgrades for everyone there.  *grumbles about rolling a 3 on Deadly Curse*

Of course, our usual run on Sarth-25 happened.  We got done, and had Wintergrasp, so we went after Arch.  Had some troubles filling out the spots when people realized they were already saved to the instance, but still 24-manned it with no trouble.  Note to Arch: Please to drop more pvp gear than just the gloves for mages (seen 'em 3 times now), kthxbai.

Doing more 25-man raids means we're tweaking the raid/loot rules a little bit as we plan to face Ulduar.  We like having fun on raids, but fun usually equates to "winning" so we want to make sure everyone is in the habit of focusing on the win.  We can still joke around, but the adjusted rules should help us focus when we need to focus.  Loot rules are just further adjustment to make sure things are fair since we REALLY hate the idea of going to a DKP system and want to avoid it when we know that our system works.

TLA went in to the Library wing in Scarlet Monstery on Sunday.  We were a little worried going in as everything conned orange to us (red to me, but I was less than 5% to ding).  However, we handled it quite well once we got into the swing of things.  Razorfen Downs is next week.

We've got some people doing the arena tournament server, so lots of luck to them!

Did I miss anything here?
Reflections: The "Back in the Saddle" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 24 February 2009 16:58
The Portents got back to raiding this week.  It was strange when we logged in last night and had to ask each other, "So, uh...what's the plan for tonight?"  We had already killed everything.

We discovered (the hard way) that for the Malygos fight, having a druid around comes in REALLY handy.  We tried Ol' Blue with two shamen and a priest, but it just wasn't happening.  We were taking heavy damage during the vortex cycle of the first phase, and we'd never seen that happen before.  We looked at the make up of the group and realized that normally we had a druid in one form or another.  No kitty paw for extra hit points and resists.  So we went back in a few days later armed with a tree.  Confirmed: We were taking about 200-250 less damage per tick, and druid insta-heals were nice too.

This is the third time we've gotten Black Ice to drop, too.

We tried Sarth+1 recently, but went in ill-prepared.  By that, I mean we hadn't read the strategies and it was getting really late to find one.  We know we have the firepower to do it, so we went in on a wing and a prayer.  It didn't work in our favor.  BUT...strategies have been found, and now we're certain we can take out not just Sarth+1, but Sarth+2.

Sarth+2 is on notice.  As Ktok put it, "We as a guild are now treating Sarth +2 as our next milestone to cross. It *has* to happen. There is no if ands or buts. We will not kill Sarth without less than two drakes up, unless it is the very end of the week and we are absolutely sure it will not happen yet."

Back in the lower levels, Team Level Appropriate took down the Scarlet Monastery graveyard on Sunday.  We were all a hair away from 31, which was the recommended level for the Library.  Unfortunately it was getting late to try out that wing, too.

This weekend we'll be teaming up with Insurrection for a run on Naxx-25.  We're pretty excited to have a go at it and see what happens!

Also in the plans is a week of Old School raids.  Yes, as in taking a bunch of people to take out everything from Onyxia to Sunwell, guided by a bunch of level 80's.  It'll be fun to see content that many of us have never seen before and get the achievements.  (Remember, most of PA migrated to WoW after BC launched, so near the end of BC we were just getting enough people to the level cap to take out Kara and ZA.  So a lot of this we've just never seen before.)

Some people are trying to get characters copied over to the PTR to see what might be in the works.  We're aware that what we see on the PTR might not be the end result when 3.1 goes live, but it's still fun to see.  We're already squeeing over some of the changes released so far!

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