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The News
Reflections: The "Hot Lips" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Monday, 16 February 2009 16:05

We took a break from raiding this past week.  Many members out of commission on Friday and Saturday due to VD (Valentine's Day...get your minds out of the gutter!), there was some illness going around, some were banging their heads against walls trying to get candy bags, and others just wanted a week off since we'd been raiding every week pretty much since December.

Of course, this break seemed like a good idea last Monday, but by Saturday people were asking when we were going to raid again.  *twitch twitch*  Yeah, it can be addictive.

So Sunday we did our usual 25-mans, taking down Sarth and Vault, then we did Vault again on 10-man.  We're going to try to go after Malygos again tonight, and regular raiding starts again tomorrow with the reset.

We've also opened up to recruiting new members again now that our recent additions seem to have settled in.  We'd like to see 5 new members by the end of March, but prefer quality over quantity.  There are a few people who have been brought to our attention as potential members, and we like taking things slow to make sure everyone is happy.  No more repeats of a sudden flood of members.  Learned that lesson in EQ2.  Most guilds don't survive it.  We don't want to play chicken with our luck on that front.

TLA didn't happen this week due to aforementioned illness.  That's okay, it's forgivable.  We'll go beat up some Scarlet Crusade members next Sunday.

Many alts reached notable levels (70 and 80) this week, too.  Strangely, all the ones I can think of are rogues.  Sneaky bastards....



Reflections: The "Real Life Happens" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Monday, 09 February 2009 18:13
Yeah, I've slacked in updating what we've done.  Maybe it's because we were busy doing things, hrmm?

Our usual raids have taken place.  Naxx keeps falling to us, as do Sapph, KT, Malygos, Arch, and Sarth.  Whee!

We got to experience first-hand the Sapphiron bug where the AoE was doing double-damage to the party.  We thought at first that the changes to Circle of Healing was the reason the healers couldn't keep up, but it still didn't make any sense.  It was a nerf, but not THAT extreme.  Then we found out about the bug.  Niiiiiice.  On the plus side, we *did* eventually kill Sarth despite the fight being harder.  So of course when we went in this week, we one-shotted him because it was suddenly "easier."  Gotta love the comparison.

Again, we've been bringing "new" (I hate calling them "new" because they're not...and not "inexperienced" because they aren't...) folks into the raids, allowing the original raiders a chance to cycle taking a break, and giving others a chance to gear up and get badges.

Sunday hosted 25-mans are still going well.  Not only is the PA roster benefitting from it, but we're making connections to others who have an interest in having some fun and getting a fair chance at some loot that they otherwise might not have a shot at.  (The joy of scheduling it for a guaranteed time and day.)  We've prided ourselves on being fair: If you came along for the kill, you have a right to roll no matter what tag you have over your head.  That said, I'm disappointed that some people have taken that generosity for granted.  It's to be expected, though.  We try to keep note of those people and not invite them back.  Funny how a simple "Thank you" or word of appreciation goes a long way to getting more than just your gloves.

Hey, I'm a fire mage with a personality to match!  WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!

In other news, Team Level Appropriate took down Razorfen Kraul last weekend, and Gnomeregan last night.  It was nice having a bit of a challenge, and also to have loot dropping that we can actually use.  We're doing these dungeons at their "suggested levels" but the upgrade drop rate can be a little frustrating at times.  At least the quest rewards have been useful.

Alts happened.  Epic RP happened.

It's all a blur right now.

(I'll let people fill in their own accomplishments.  All I know is I'm now the HATBOSS, and I don't think anyone will be taking that title any time soon.)
The Craft of War: BLIND PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Friday, 23 January 2009 18:14

This is just...amazing.  I think Ktok and I will be playing our rogues every chance we get in the near future.


Last Updated ( Friday, 23 January 2009 18:17 )
Reflections: The ===::BOSS::=== edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 20 January 2009 11:51
This past week...again, busy with the raiding.  But we've been taking new folks into Naxx so they can learn the fights and gear up, so it's always an interesting experience.

What to say?  The fights are becoming easier, even with the folks just stepping into the zone.  It definitely helps when you have a bunch of people who are now over-geared for 10-man, but the new-to-Naxx folks are holding their own.

So we blew through the zone there, and then got hung up on Sapphiron.  Considering some of the people were on their first week in Naxx, that wasn't a bad point to get hung up, and they should be proud of their work on the other bosses.  We couldn't figure out what was going "wrong" with our attempts on Sapph (although I can think of one or two attempts where we had some bad luck in ice block placement), so we took the "veteran" team in to clear him out and re-analyze what techniques work best and what we might have been doing wrong.  As you can expect, we got Sapph down, got a little more insight on him, then went to clear out the last two bosses.

Before I go any further, I have to explain the title of this entry.  According to Jez, someone on Twitter created rules for the Naxxramas Drinking Game.  For example: if you fall off the pipe going to Gluth, you get the ===::PIPEBOSS::=== championship belt in your guild info (right now, Canivoris bears that honor) and you are to finish your drink.  If you fall off the ledge while jumping to Thaddius, you get the ===::LEDGEBOSS::=== belt and must finish your drink.  We omitted the drinking part of the drinking game, but still have had some fun with the rules.

One of the rules is "If you pull a whole alcove on KT."  Grats, Leo! XD  Or should we congratulate your pet?!

Anyway, we had a few hiccups on KT as well, but finally focused and got him down.  And then we proceeded to one-shot Malygos.  I have to say, I think the "veteran" 10-man squad has the Malygos fight down, and we're excited to start teaching it to some of the up-and-coming 80's.

For the record, Leo did finish the video editing and I have it on the server.  I just need to work out some kinks with Gallery so it is viewable.  And try to not hose my connection with my webhost's security again.

We also did Archavon and Sarth on both 10- and 25-man.  The Archavon 10-man fight was actually rather amusing.  We have this issue where if Xendayr forgets to change the looting to Master Looter at the beginning of the raid, then we will totally own the raid targets.  Something *must* go wrong.  Well, before we went in to take care of Archavon, Campitor reminded Xen to set the looting to Master Looter.  *commence groaning*  So we went in to the zone, and cleared the trash.  Xen died once, but we thought that was due to bad luck of the healers all running out of the way of a rock fall at the same time.  When we took on the boss, we had another experience all together:

We got Archavon to about 85% when Xen called out that we needed to pour on the DPS or we'd never get the timer.  We were a bit baffled because we'd aced the fight before.  Then Grissle looked at Archavon's hit points.  "Uh, guys?  This is heroic...."  We were 10-manning the 25-man instance.  And doing quite well, actually.  But we knew we wouldn't be able to pull it off, so most everyone was able to get out when we made the call to retreat.  Xen reset the zone to normal, and we went in and spanked him.

Sarth 10-man was easy.  We're going to try for doing Sarth+1 soon.  We also pulled in a few guild friends to take down Sarth and revisit Archavon on heroic.

Again, I have pictures, but need to edit and upload them.

Today is Patch Day.  Oh yeah, and something about some shindig going on in DC....but PATCH DAY!

...we have our priorities when it comes to interests. XD
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 20 January 2009 11:53 )
Reflections: The "Champions of the Frozen Wastes" edition PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 13 January 2009 20:13

And another "When did this all happen?" week.  The mind still boggles!

If you couldn't tell from the picspam below, it's been a busy week.  PA successfully cleared Naxx (again--this time with a picture of us posing in front of Sapphiron's body) and then took Malygos head-on.

A little about the Malygos fight:  We three-shotted him.  We got to the third phase every time, but it took the first two tries to get everything to gel together.  In fact, the second try, we got Malygos down to 1% after he enraged.  I'm actually glad we didn't get him on that attempt (and not just because I was dead during the entire third phase due to a string of bad luck) because I didn't want our first kill to be a "Whoops!  Well, we did it by the skin of our teeth, but we did it!" situation.  The third try?  No deaths.  And we handily took him down.  There was no question in the end that it was a successful run.  We WILL be doing it again.

Leo got video, but is working on editing it right now.  Expect to see it here soon.

Sunday was a planned 25-man run into the Obsidian Sanctum to take down Sartherion.  We fielded about 17(?) PA members, and pugged in the rest with friends.  I've heard people say you can take him down easily with only 20 people.  I have to agree.  Mind you, we didn't do any of the achievements to leave any of the drakes up, but it was the first time most of us had seen the Heroic version.  I suspect achievements will be in the near future.

Obligatory screenshots:

Posing with the corpse:



Then Leo had to explode the corpse:



A few of us also joined a late-night/early-morning pug for 25-man Archevon earlier in the weekend.  Xendayr was selected as main tank.  And that was *before* he got his shield from Malygos.  We had one wipe, but got back in there quickly and took him down on the second try.

Team Level Appropriate went into Black Fathom Deeps and wiped the place clear.  Xenshi and Pamplona had never seen the zone, and I think the rest of us had only seen it from behind a level 70 bovine wrecking ball.

We still need a new name for that group.  "Team Level Appropriate" is just too...meh.

Goetic came back (YAY!) and hit 80, so we're up to 20 level 80 characters in guild.  And only one of those is an alt.  We're getting closer and closer to being able to field 25-mans with all PA members, but we're taking things as they come.  (That said, if you are or know someone who is a good, friendly player interested in 25-mans, send Xendayr an in-game mail.)

Finally, for all the success in raiding, I have to point out we were not successful in bringing down the Dalaran Lamp Post boss on Sunday night.  Campitor and Thuryn aggroed it:



Then Leo, Jez, and Aili joined in, along with some by-standers:



The next thing you knew, we had a full raid of people (plus mounts) trying to bring it down without any luck.



Yes, we are as goofy as we are serious.

Finally, in website news, I added a picture gallery (see the link in the Guild Information menu on the left) that...isn't set up to be all fancy yet, but at least it's set up.  I'm working on trying to bridge the login functionality to work with the main site.  In the meantime, I still invite and encourage members to register (use the same username and password) and upload any screenshots, pictures, and even movies you might have that you want to share.

Ktok has also been working on updating the charter and guild information to reflect how we work in WoW.

And now I'm running late for tonight's raid... 


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