Reflections: The "ARTHAS, YOU'RE ON NOTICE!" edition Print
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Written by Ailinea   
Friday, 23 April 2010 03:35

Once again, I've been slacking with page updates. Things happen too fast that by the time I want to blog about it, it's long past. But I'm gonna keep this short...

Both raid teams have been having a staggering amount of success! Up until last night, Team 2 had caught up to Team 1's progression. This is the Little Team That Could...1-shotting (healing?) the Dreamwalker fight and learning Blood Princes (despite the glitch where the disco balls weren't spawning in the raid area) and Lana'thel very quickly last week. To clear ICC, they just need to take down Sindragosa and the Lich King.

Since I'm not on that team, it's hard for me to go into further detail. I also don't have screenshots for obvious reasons. I'd love for a member to submit some to me to show off here! (Hint hint!)

Team 1 just took down Sindragosa tonight! Seems we've been plagued with technical difficulties (such as people's internet going on the fritz in the final phase) or required out-of-town trips (RL comes first, of course) that interfered with our raiding, but we finally got her!


Portent Alliance takes down Sindragosa!

Arthas has been put on notice. Portent Alliance is coming for him!

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