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Written by Ailinea   
Tuesday, 18 October 2011 14:38

Once again, I feel bad that I haven't been updating the front page. PA is still raiding and going strong. We are also an 8-year-old guild now! I've just been lousy at doing anything with the screenshots I've been taking during raid.

We're heading to BlizzCon tomorrow, and hopefully will have a lot of exciting news to report and pictures to post. Maybe even another video of Cadistra dancing. Wink

For now, I've turned off the registration through the main page, but new users can still register on the forum. Since almost all the officers will be gone for BlizzCon, I know that means potential new members can't be invited. Just hang in there, and send me an in-game mail (to Ailinea) if you have registered on the forum so I can activate your account.

We'll be back on Tuesday, October 24 to take care of business.

In the meantime have fun, enjoy Hallow's End, and if you have the Virtual Ticket, look for us at BlizzCon!

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